Flaschenpost aus fernen Ländern

Solange Post-BiKri sich mit äußerst wichtigen Sachen wie Denken, Saufen, Anfroderungen des Alltags nachgehen, Feiern, Texte auswählen, Streiten, Rumhängen und in die Wolken starren beschäftigt, schien es uns jedoch wichtig zu unserer eigenen Belustigung ein paar Grüße zu veröffentlichen, die wir von einem Monstrum bekommen haben. Wer schließlich so was Undenkbares, Unpraktisches, Irreales an der Hochschule (in diesem Falle die besetzten Santa Cruz und Berkeley) fordert, – siehe Foto – muss ein Monstrum sein: Etwas, was aus dem Rahmen fällt und aus der Reihe tanzt. Und wir haben ein Herz für Monster. Mehrere sogar.


Aus dem Brief –

„The movement has already become acquainted with its enemies: the unionist, student politician type being only the most insidious and veiled. In this we have had to re-learn one of the primary lessons of the Movement of 77: the actual complicity of all unions and parties, however radical sounding, with the cops. […]
Meantime, a list of responsible, and because of that, totally boring and irrelevent demands were made. It must be said that these demands were far less reasonable than others that might be made, or even better, as happened previously, there could be a breaking with the logic of demands itself. […]
It is time we leave the beautiful soul of the post-1972 Situationism that does nothing but criticize behind, in order to direct and succour the unthinking consciousness that tries to act. Communism can not be talked about, it must be really lived. This is the historic task, at once simple and complicated, of this, the final moment of world-spirit. The prisoners of Plato’s cave must be led into the sunshine of the revolution, not bantered with in the darkness of capitalism.[…]
Concordantly, writing petty trash about saving and defending the university, or any other number of things, must be forgotten. […] And just as in the prior form of spirit, factory strikes became qualitatively more revolutionary when they posed political, international goals, so must we leave behind the sad demands of students pleading and whining for integration into a failed social system: we should rather aim to punish the wicked, to deliver a crushing riposte to the infamous scoundrels and their arrogant pretensions of this depraved time. […]
Why are not the clocks spirited away, masks given to all, monogamy annulled, electronics banned, counter-intelligence set up to ferret out spies, look outs placed around the building, sorties mounted to harass the enemy, food expropriated, and surreptitious withdrawals enacted to commence the party somewhere else? We know the Commune is not dead, it is wherever we are […] This, one suspects, is precisely what exists in Tarnac, in Exarcheia, in millions of hearts the world over, and it is this that the dying old world hates so much. As for us, it is time to start really living what we believe

A Letter From An Anonymous Friend

In der Flasche fanden wir auch einige hübsche Dokumente, die sich sehr schön als belastende Beweisstücke machen würden. Hier was zum Schmunzeln, hier was zum Schmunzeln und Nachdenken, hier was zum Schmunzeln und praktischen Handeln.

Diese verzweifelte und hoffnungsvolle Flaschenpost wird der Grund dafür sein, dass wir unsere Herzen ausschneiden und auf dem Postwege nach Kalifornien schicken würden, wenn sie schon in Würgtown nicht gebraucht werden. Oder: wir gebrauchen sie doch hier, trotz alledem.

Stay tuned, die neuen BiKri-Spielregeln kommen bald und es geht los.

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